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Golden Vessel

Max Byrne is a young producer out of Brisbane, Australia who is making chilled electronic music under the name Golden Vessel.

Although Golden Vessel has only been working on his signature sound for a short time, it is already at a level of professionalism many strive to reach for years in their careers. His smooth electronic arrangements of down-tempo beats feature elements of hip-hop, trap and soul, all laced in a pristine lo-fi sheen. Max used to think he was narrow-minded when it came to music, but as his tastes continued to develop and widen, it led to the discovery of synthesizers and the many different styles of electronic music. The idea of music production being an actual form of art really opened his eyes to a whole new world of musical tastes, influences and sounds. He began researching into how some of his musical inspirations created their music, then taking this information and making it work for Golden Vessel. 

“I want to convey in my sound everything I love about music. Whether it’s incorporating different genres into one song, or different processes and homages to different times” – Max Byrne

Golden Vessel submitted his debut single ‘Stairwell’ in the Triple J Unearthed High competition back in 2013. The track was met with much praise and admiration from the Triple J audience and its presenters, then subsequently being played across the airwaves within a week of being submitted. Since then he has released two hugely successful EPs, Before Sleep in 2015 and Right/Side in 2017. He has also done 2 Australian headline tours, been a main support for The Kite String Tangle and Willow Beats, and has gained an extensive streaming audience with millions of plays via Apple Music and Spotify.

Max has always seen Golden Vessel as a collaborative project that he can work on with his friends and fellow musicians and 2018 has seen him writing and producing for Benji Lewis, Mallrat, Akurei, and Emerson Leif to name a few. He has also been creating his much awaited debut album, with the first single BIGBRIGHT (feat.  Elkkle,  E^ST  &  DUCKWRTH) released in October and a national headline tour to follow.


GV - Before Sleep
GV - Right _ Side
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