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Close your eyes…
You’re in the car, your bags packed in the back seat. 
You have nowhere to be. No place to go.
A soft breeze catches your skin as you breathe deeply and let the salty sea air fill your lungs.
You exhale and smile to yourself, then turn up the radio…

Introducing Reynier (pronounced Ren-yeah), a new project from indie/electronic Gold Coast producer Jordan Burns. Four years ago, Jordan began writing for Reynier without any purpose or agenda. The music came intuitively to him and his adventurous, light-hearted personality naturally poured in to the tracks. 

No stranger to the industry, Jordan has previously created thoughtfully crafted dance and house beats under his own name and can often be found hyping up a dance floor late at night. Reynier is something organically different to this, transporting you on a special journey of self-discovery and freedom. It will make you feel… and that’s what he believes music is all about.

Reynier’s second release 'Lukewarm (ft. KESMAR)' is out now on all platforms.


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